The Vita Arc is the sixth character arc in the serious and is unique in the fact that it is the only one, thus-far, to feature The Witch as the central character. Takes place before and during the Polleo Story Arc. This arc was originally written for fun following the release of the Polleo Arc, but was given away for free by the series creator to fans who met him in person.

  • Chapter One: With no possible way of taking on Andy, Blaze, or any of their allies, The Witch is aimlessly wondering about when she stumbles across Dawn Forest. Many dozens, if not hundreds, of bandits are gathered with automatic weapons with intentions of raiding the nearby city. Lacking the desire or motivation to stop them herself, The Witch wonders away when she eventually stumbles across Carson. She goes for Infinite Darkness to restrict his senses but decides not to kill him as she sees no purpose to do so. However, as she does not want to seem weak, she pretends to make a deal with him: "Kill the bandits and I will spare you."
  • Chapter Two: The Witch returns to Dawn Forest in order to observe the local wildlife but is surprised to see the scene of a battle (Carson VS. Bandits) Burnt trees, craters in the ground, large gashes in the surrounding area, and countless bandit corpses. Nearby she finds Carson passed out and leaning on a tree but without any injuries on him. A surviving bandit stands up and goes to attack but is struck down by The Witch. Curious, The Witch returns Carson to Fort Wallace.