"You've seen Jarl in CLS NEWS and...Nothing else. UNTIL TODAY THAT IS! Jarl stars as Jarl in "Video...Games?"" -The original video description before CLS NEWS was made private.

Video...Games? posted on November 7th 2015 is a short video staring Jarl from CLS NEWS as he embarks on a journey to find the perfect video game for him to play! At least it would be if someone didn't have it out for him... The video starts with Jarl searching for games and when he finds a stack of games, he looks through them. Suddenly, while looking through them, one of the video games speaks to him. Freaked out, Jarl throws the games backwards over his head while falling down as he tries to run off, before standing up again and resuming his heroic retreat.


  • The idea for this video came to Carson in a dream.
  • This video reveals Jarl likes video games and Xbox.
  • This video took Carson 6 hours to edit despite being 26 seconds long.
  • This video is the origin of "PLAY ME"

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