"You've seen Jarl in CLS NEWS and...Nothing else. UNTIL TODAY THAT IS! Jarl stars as Jarl in "Video...Games?"" -The original video description before CLS NEWS was made private.

Video...Games? posted on November 7th 2015 is a short video staring Jarl from CLS NEWS as he embarks on a journey to find the perfect video game for him to play! At least it would be if someone didn't have it out for him...


  • Since his real debut in CLS NEWS was made private, this debuts Jarl to the public audience.
  • The idea for this video came to Carson in a dream.
  • This video reveals Jarl likes video games and Xbox.
  • This video took Carson 6 hours to edit despite being 26 seconds long.
  • This video is the origin of "PLAY ME"