The Witch's Lackeys- are numerous smaller humanoid shadow monsters created using Dark-Magic. The exact spell used in their creation is unknown but it is both implied and rumored that the spell was not created during the days of The Old Kingdom, but instead by The Witch herself.

They first make their debut during the Убийство Arc when they show up to attack Blaze, Carson, and Hayden.

Attributes: Edit

  • Flexibility(弾力)- The Lackeys appear to have no bones, at least not a spine, allowing them to twist and bend their body with ease.
    • Speed/Agility(速度/敏速)- As an extension to their flexibility, the Lackeys are much faster than a human.
  • Magic(魔法)- The Lackeys are capable of producing Dark-Magic.
  • Stretchability(張り)- When attacked, and when attacking, their bodies are capable of stretching to do either purpose.
    • Bullet Nullify(弾丸を無効にする)- Due to their stretchability, their bodies catch and even shoot back bullets.
    • Smash Nullify(砕くを無効にする)- Due to their stretchability, any blunt or smash attack bounces off them.

Abilities: Edit

  • While capable of producing their own Dark-Magic, any specific spells or abilities are so far unnamed.