"This video was made for a school project (Yes again.) and uhhhh. Heck, this video actually turned out amazing. Before anyone asks, NO, we didn't make Hayden pour sprite on his head. During the extremely obvious transition, we swapped the sprite can out for a can of water." -Video Description

PSA by b.e.o
B and T

The Effects of Drugs (PSA) uploaded on February 5th 2015, is a drug PSA made by Carson, Hayden, and Trent for a school project. The entire video was scripted by Carson and Trent with little to no help from Hayden and the video as well as every video on the Gaaracarson channel was edited by Carson on his own. This is the only video on the Gaaracarson channel to feature Trent, considering he moved away shortly after it was filmed.

B.E.O.R is the name of a project and group the three of them were in and working on which was going to feature a supernatural TV like series, the plot of the story was never fully developed. When Trent moved away, Hayden and Carson continued to work on the project but since Trent was the original creator of the project the two of them hadn't any idea where Trent was going with the story, and the project was dropped all together.


  • This is Carson's all time favorite video on the internet even if he made it himself.
  • This video was filmed over a period of three days
  • Shortly after the making of this video, Trent moved away. Which explains why he wasn't in the Deceleration of Independence video or any other video for that matter.
  • The classrooms reactions weren't recorded due to none of the three thinking of it
  • This video is the most viewed video on the Gaaracarson channel with 376 views as of 12/22/15
  • The song in the background is called "Haunted" by Shirk