"Join David Tomato in his quest to find his long lost brother Jimmy in this years episode of "Adventure of David Tomato!" Now unavailable in theaters near you I hope!" -Video description

The Adventures of David Tomato was posted November 25th 2015. The video was made solely by Carson on his own taking 2 entire days to script, 30-45 minutes to film, and 9 hours to edit despite only being a 23 second video.


  • The idea for this video came to him after having a strange dream but instead of a tomato, it was a video game. After making his video game version, he thought of another idea but not wanting to use another video game thinking it would be bland, he bought a bag of tomatoes and used one of them instead.
  • This video is one of the few on the Gaaracarson channel to only feature Carson: Usually having at least one friend in a video.
  • More episodes have been planned

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