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Sean Hassler (Born May 30th) is an American gaming YouTuber from Texas under the channel name Wolffang 132 He goes to the same high school as the rest of the Gaaracarson crew, and is one of Carson's only friends to have not been on the original or current Gaaracarson channel. Sean was originally going to appear in CLS NEWS (The S standing for Sean) but was replaced by Carson 3 when Carson dropped out after Lucas did the same.


  • Sean is from Texas
  • Despite not appearing in any videos on either Gaaracarson channel, Sean is still considered a member.
  • While not appearing on the Gaaracarson channel, Sean has appeared in a video on Hayden's channel which was recorded by Carson titled "Get out of there!"
  • Sean was going to be on the Gaaracarson channel in a video-game adventure map play-through at one point in time. However, the files got corrupted.

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