The Rachis Arc is the second story arc in the series and is split into two chapters.

  • Chapter One: The Depot Days festival is in town and so is the squad so they decide to attend. Carson decides to film it with his camcorder while Andy and Blaze walk side-by-side each trying to be the lead walker. Throughout the arc they remain fairly friendly towards each other with the exception of some light bickering.
  • Chapter Two: A man in one of the booths challenges the formation to arm wrestle. Blaze goes first and accidentally breaks the man's arm in nineteen places while Andy claims he could have done the same. After a bit of arguing over who of the two is more powerful, Carson intervenes and suggest that they each do a "strength-related challenge" in order to decide it. However, instead of choosing an actual challenge, they mutually agree to fight each other. Before their match begins, the police show up to deal with the situation and the group skedaddles back to Fort Wallace while Carson calls in for some backup. Ignoring suggestions of just dropping the match all together, Andy and Blaze decide to fight on the other side of The Portal and the arc ends when Hayden joins them.