Jeremiah Jeremy Vanillia Shake Jake^3 Shanice Zdzisław Ayman Connor Dikeledi November Second DeAndre LeNatharinovarious Xavier Emem Wyatt Dan Danni Dave Davie-Boy Josway Logan Willie-Bo Harris Darryl Luke Failed Abortion DeShawn Darius Oops Tanner "Nathan" Tyronious Pledge Allegiance To The Flag Reginald's Grandmother's Father's Great-Granddaughter's Neighbor's Unwanted Pastrami Street Christopher Sophia Kevin Emerson Sa´id Maxie-Max-Man-Child Jamal Imani Million Snyder Bob McCormick Trudi Leave My Daughter Alone Scott KiKi Nagi Hopson Cody Wirnhier Geoff Bateson Armando Lewis Doe Moe Lester Jones VIII II The Last(November 2nd) He is known for being the weakest known living being- rivaling Steven- as well as having the most known negative attributes- Also rivaling Steven.

He was killed by a half-dead, quarter-unconscious Blaze in a literal two-second battle following an attempt at his life.

Aliases: Edit

  • Don't Touch Me
  • Oh God, Not You...
  • Please Leave
  • Stop Standing Outside My Window
  • The Southern Merchant

Negative Attributes: Edit

  • Brittle(脆い)- Those affected have their defense and strength stat cap, as well as growth, lowered by 10%
  • Limit Seal(限界封)- The user has a permanent stat cap reduction of 10%
  • Natural Victim(自然犠牲者)- The user is 35% more likely to have a crime, any crime, committed against them.
    • Normally, this attribute would only have the rating at 25% but people just really hate Nathan for known reasons.
  • Provoke(挑発)- When in enemy sight, the user is 75% more likely to be targeted first. Whenever in friendly sight, the user is 15% more likely to be friendly-fired on purpose.
  • Suicide(自殺)- Not in relation to the user despite the name, but rather those whom interact with them. Those who do interact with the user have a 1/5th chance of committing suicide on the spot. This is done automatically and re-rolls each day for every person to interact with them.
  • Suicide Prevention(自殺予防)- The user is incapable of committing suicide. Any object(s) attempted to be used for the users suicide are bent away ((dissolved away if the former is physically impossible)) from the user. Not because the object fears the user such as with Blaze's Arrow Evasion, but rather because they refuse to come into contact with him/her.