'Magic Caster(魔法キャスター)- Is, as the name would suggest, someone capable of using magic. Those capable of using magic are never referred to as a caster though as it sounds rather dumb, it's not quite mph' enough.

Due to the lack of mana in the atmosphere, magic is very difficult to cast unless the caster uses their own bodily reserves. Though it was revealed within the battle between Andy and Blaze during the Bloody Days Arc that this issue can be negated entirely by going to the other side of The Portal.

Categories: Edit

  • Shaman(シャーマン)- Magic Casters who wield Dark-Magic only.
  • Bishop(司祭)- Magic Casters who wield Light-Magic only.
  • Mage(メイジ)- Magic Casters who wield Reason-Magic only.
  • Monk(修道士)- Magic Casters who wield Dark-Magic and Light Magic.
  • Dark Mage(ダークメイジ)- Magic Casters who wield Dark-Magic and Reason-Magic.
  • Light Mage(光メイジ)- Magic Casters who wield Light-Magic and Reason-Magic.
  • Sage(セージ)- Magic Casters who wield Dark-Magic, Light-Magic, and Reason-Magic.

Known Users: Edit

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