The Madness: Paging Doctor Noose Arc is the fourteenth arc in the series and takes place around the same time as the Grandfather Wallace Arc. This arc is the first one of either story or character to have a "viewer-discretion is advised" label at the start.

  • Steven is locked up in a high security prison over the span a week with big-named criminals-- many of which are also on death row-- and for currently unknown reasons, his negative attributes such as provoke and natural-victim keep activating multiple times in a row. The arc follows Steven as he tries to get on the officers good side while also avoiding the imminent threat that is his fellow inmates. The events of this arc, piled up with many before it result in the collapse of his mental state during a later arc.


  • During the events of this arc, Steven sustained many critical life-threatening injuries to both his mind and body, only surviving due to his sharing of DNA with Andy. These injuries include:
    • His right eye was licked by another prisoner. The same prisoner also threatened to rip it out of it's socket but Steven was saved by one of the prison's peace-keepers.
      • Whom of which went on to punch Steven in the stomach for wasting his time.
    • The bones in his hand which had been fractured in a previous arc were manually, and individually, broken by another inmate.
    • The prison's most infamous inmate branded Steven's back with his initials: "K.W."
      • Three out of the five toes in his left foot were broken, one of which in two places, when he attempted to retaliate.
    • He got waterboarded seven times by other inmates, two of which prison peace-keepers helped.
    • His back was stomped over 50 times, causing multiple bruises on his spine and internal organs.
      • One inmate was wearing cleats and specifically targeted the back of Steven's neck.
    • He was stabbed over 20 times by makeshift knives, many of which were dull.
    • One of the teeth in the back of his mouth was forcefully ripped out.
    • His left shoe was stolen and later forced upon him to digest.
    • Accumulated together, he was beaten for over an hour.
    • His throat was clawed leaving many deep scratches.
    • He was impaled in the left shoulder with a broken cell bar.
      • When fleeing, the bar broke off with the end staying in his shoulder. It was not removed until several arcs later.
    • While saved by a prison peace-keeper before it could entirely transpire, an inmate attempted to crucify Steven on the wall by using rusty nails torn from the floorboards. His right hand was nailed before being saved.
    • His right hand's ring-finger had its nail ripped out.