Lucas(Person, just in case anyone thought he was a video.) is a member of the Gaaracarson channel as well as having his own channel where he makes guitar covers. He made his debut appearance in a video sharing the same name alongside Andy and made a return recently in the Tony The Tipsy Tiger video.

Equipment: Edit

  • {Awaiting permission for use of a particularly offensive item.}
  • {Awaiting permission for use of another particularly offensive item.}

Attributes: Edit

  • Unnamed bloodline that, like Tyler, involves utalization of music.
  • Senses(感覚)- All five of his senses are slightly higher, though it's not terribly noticeable, however one sense is much higher than the others.
    • Sound(音)- Due to the nature of his bloodline, Lucas has a sensitive ear which can distinguish multiple distant voices apart mid-conversation.

Abilities: Edit

  • Special Song(特別な歌)- Passive ability that activates upon use of an instrument or his own voice. Anybody, ally or foe, whom hears the song receives a 5% boost to all stats as well as a temporary Stamina(スタミナ) boost. Unique to Tyler and Lucas. This ability cannot overlap effects with Tyler's version.

Quotes: Edit

[Judah:] "Hey, are you doing drugs out here?"

[Lucas:] "Yeah, I'm snorting all these fire-ants."

"Steven, I hope they (Yellowjackets) kill you." -Referring to a specific force in this context but still a common phrase.

Trivia: Edit

  • He is one of the few members on the channel whom have a channel of their own.
  • Lucas was originally going to reappear in the CLS NEWS series alongside Sean(whom would have debuted) but dropped out of the project last minute.

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