"One bread, one Lucas, no help given. Mwahahahaha!" -Video Description

Lucas was posted June 25th 2015 and the video is a quick 10 second clip. It starts off with Carson holding the camera to look down at Lucas as he's trying to get a bed off him. Carson begins to speak attempting to say "So, Lucas here is trapped under the bed." but get's tongue twisted and instead says "So, Lucas here is trapped under the the bread. The bed!" to which Lucas, Andy who was also in the room, and Carson start laughing. Lucas shout's "I'm trapped in a ginger bread house!" before laughing again and the video ends after Andy goes over to lift the bed off of him.


  • This is the only video on the channel to have or mention Lucas
    • It is highly unlikely that Lucas will make a return.
  • This video, sort of, introduces Andy.
    • He also becomes one of three members to be shown in a video but not featured.
      • It has been announced that this would soon change however as multiple videos starring the ABC Formation trio have been planned and are in the recording process.
  • Lucas was originally going to be in the CLS NEWS series.However, he dropped out of the project and his role(As well as Seans) were taken over by 'clones' to fill the void.
  • This video marked the last video to be filmed with the same camera used in Gc Inc. -Lawn Services-
  • Despite being posted in late June, it was filmed a few days before Hayden's Ice Bucket challenge 2.0

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