Come on dude this is suicide! No it's's water

"Most people do trends while they're cool, some do trends before they're cool, here's Trenton doing them way after they stopped being cool! Anyone else see my neck veins and chicken legs? Dang, this video is terrorizing my mind!" -Video Description

Ice Bucket Challenge Trenton was uploaded on June 29th 2015. At the start of this video Ethan ask for help lifting the bucket of ice water, Carson says "here" and grabs it. The two of them together with their noodle arms lift and tilt the bucket over pouring the water on Trenton, not to be confused with Trent, then as Carson's walking away with the bucket, Trenton shouts "That is my completion of the Ice Bucket Challenge There we go!" Carson turns to tell him that he didn't even use ice it was just cold water, as Carson says this the video fades out then back in to Ethan grabbing a water balloon and throwing it as hard as he can into Trenton's nuts. This is played back twice each time getting slower as the video fades out once more.


  • Neither Carson nor Ethan consider Trenton a friend and the only reason they did the ice bucket challenge for him is so that Ethan could get the nut shot on him.
  • Off screen Trenton is described as an "annoying kid who has at least two cuss word per sentence and wants to fight everybody all the time. Even going as far to cuss out other peoples parents right in front of them (The parents) without giving a care in the world. It's as if he thinks the word revolves around him! I'm glad he's moving away. It's about time" -Carson to Ethan in a now deleted behind the scenes video after Trenton left on his bike
  • This is the only video on the Gaaracarson channel that has Ethan in it.
  • In the comments of the video, someone asked why Ethan and Carson used the little cooler instead of the big one Trenton was sitting on to which Carson replied "Ethan and I struggled to lift the little cooler and you think we can lift AND tilt the big one filled with water?!"
  • Trenton from this video and Trent from the Drug PSA are two separate people.

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