"In this video my friend Steven 'voluntarily' dumps a cup of ice water down his shirt... Aren't we such great friends?!" -Video Description

In this video, Ice Bucket Challenge 2.0 Steven, posted on February 2nd of 2015. Carson's friend Steven dumps a cup full of ice down his shirt and tries to see how long he can last. This video is the only video that Steven is in not counting Hayden's version of this video in which he is only heard in the background.


  • Steven and Hayden are the only two to have done this.
  • Jessie sitting next to Steven isn't their friend but talks to them anyway much to Carson's annoyance.
  • The quality is low because Carson forgot to focus his camera when he hit record.
  • The view is the way it is because, Carson was trying to hide his phone from the teachers.
  • This video introduced Steven as well as the Ice bucket challenge 2.0
  • The IBC 2.0 was created after Carson made a random suggestion to Steven to which he agreed saying he'd do it, if Carson recorded him. On that note, it's called IBC 2.0 because neither Steven, Hayden, nor Carson could come up with a better name.

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