Forever alone

"This video is Hayden's ice bucket challenge (2.0) My favorite thing about this video is how we made him sing even though Steven didn't have too. That's always nice..." -Video Description

Ice Bucket Challenge 2.0 Hayden posted on February 7th of 2015 is the third video on the Gaaracarson channel to feature Hayden. In this video, Hayden dumps a cup of ice down his shirt too see how long he can last.


  • The idea to do this, Ice Bucket Challenge 2.0, was created by Carson when he randomly made a suggestion to Steven. Steven said he'd do it if Carson recorded him, and thus started this game.
  • It's called Ice Bucket Challenge 2.0 because neither Carson, Hayden, nor Steven could think of better name.
  • Steven and Jessie made Hayden sing despite them not making Steven sing.
  • In the video Carson states that he planned to do his challenge the day after, but the day after Hayden's challenge Carson was sick and couldn't go to school. Then the weekend happened, and when Monday came, the lunch ladies wouldn't allow any of the group (Hayden, Steven, or Carson) to get a cup of ice.
  • Carson MIGHT do this in the future
  • Hayden and Steven are the only two people on the channel to have done this.

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