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Hayden Christopher "Ginger" Shaw (Born on March 21st of 2001) is a 14 year-old semi-active YouTuber from Arkansas and a friend of Carson's. It was through Hayden that Carson met his newest friend Tyler during their last year of Junior High, and currently all of the Gaaracarson crew including Hayden is in high school.


  • Hayden has three favorite genres of music: Rock, Alternative, and Punk pop.
  • Hayden is on the High school track team, he also throws shot put.
  • Like Carson, Hayden has three nicknames: Ginger, Stutter Muffin, and Slender. No one can remember who came up with any of the nicknames.
  • Hayden is a fan of Creepy pasta as revealed in a behind the scenes video that is no longer online.
  • Hayden knows how to fight with a bow staff and use fighting batons.

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