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Hayden, as drawn by Trenton

Hayden Christopher "Ginger-Spice" Shaw (Born March 21) is a 16 year-old inactive YouTuber from Arkansas and a friend of Carson's. It was through Hayden that Tyler appeared on the channel.

Since his last appearance in the Ice Bucket 2.0 video, Hayden has semi-split from the group and has no plans for appearing in another video.


  • Hayden has three favorite genres of music: Rock, Alternative, and Punk pop.
  • His spirit animal is a fox.
  • Hayden is on the High school track team, he also apparently throws shot put.
  • Like Carson, Hayden has three nicknames: Ginger, Stutter Muffin, and Slender. No one can remember who came up with any of the nicknames.
  • Hayden is a fan of Creepy pasta as revealed in a behind the scenes video that is no longer online.
  • Hayden self proclaims to know how to fight with a bow staff and use fighting batons.
  • Hayden, along with Andy and Steven, are members of the Illumijews. Despite the name though, none of them are Jewish.

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