The Grandfather Wallace Arc is the fifteenth story arc in the series.

  • After setting off on a journey to find Fort Wallace's Barrier's original creator during the events of the Sweater Weather Arc, Blaze finally stumbles across him-- one of the only two people alive whom can cause The Destroyer of Worlds himself to experience utter terror-- and nervously ask him about the barrier. Grandfather Wallace reluctantly teaches him about the barrier, how to fix it, and even how to create it again should be needed and Blaze sets his sights back on Fort Wallace. Once away from his grandfather, his phone regains service where he then learns from Carson and Hayden about Steven being in jail. Blaze shrugs it off claiming he knew it would happen but is cut off with the knowledge that Steven didn't shoot up a school was innocent. He attempts to shrug it off again but is eventually guilt tripped by Hayden regarding the events of the Bloody Days Arc. Despite agreeing to rescue Steven, he immediately goes on a week long vacation.