Gc Inc. Emblem

"We're the company for you! haha, I still use this company (Gc Inc.) on school projects!" -Video Description

Gc Inc. -Lawn Services- was the first video added to the new Gaaracarson channel being posted on September 8th 2013. The video is basically making fun of lawn service commercials and is Carson's most liked video on the channel despite not being the most viewed. It is the only video in the Gc Inc. series as of 12/22/15. This is mainly because Carson just doesn't know how to top it off.


  • Carson scripted this video when he was 11 and filmed it at 12 years-old.
  • Currently being 15 years-old, there still hasn't been a second installment of the Gc Inc. series.
  • The camera used to film this video was also used to film 'Lucas' and a large amount of unreleased/deleted videos. Shortly after filming Lucas, the camera got drenched and destroyed.
  • The logo for Gc Inc. was created 2 years after the Lawn Service video was made.

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