"In the EPIIIIIIC video (Meh) My friend Caleb throws a foot ball quite a distance, into a basketball net. How exciting! I'm actually surprised he let me put this video up." -Video Description


Football_Net is a short 16 second video posted on February 26th 2015 in which Caleb throws a football over a distance into a basketball net. Right before the ball goes in, Caleb can be heard in the background saying "There it is, There it is!" Once the ball goes in, Caleb happily makes some strange sounds before asking Carson if he got it on camera to which Carson replies "Yep" before ending the video.


  • This is one of two videos that Caleb, the co-creator of the original Gaaracarson channel, is in. This is the only video however in which he is viably seen and heard. That number of videos would've been two if Carson hadn't taken down a similar video in which Caleb punches a basketball into the net from a distance. The video was removed due to Caleb's license plate being clearly visible in the background. At the time of this video Carson had very little experience in video editing and had no idea how to edit out the license plate. The video can no longer be posted due to the file becoming corrupted.

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