"School projects are always fun, am I right guys?!....guys?" -Video Description

The Deceleration of Independence is a video posted onto the Gaaracarson channel April 28th, 2015. The video was entirely scripted by Hayden while Carson taught himself how to use IMovie on an IPad he had borrowed from a teacher "Now, I did help with the scripting although it wasn't much. All I really picked was location, subject, credits, and I did the video editing. About everything else was Hayden." Carson and Hayden had a little over an hour to make this video for a school project. While Hayden scripted, Carson was quickly teaching himself to use IMovie. Once both of them were prepared, Carson chose a location where they rushed too and began filming. They spent 30 minutes fooling around and setting up, then 30 minutes filming. Carson then rush-edited the video in 7 or so minutes then uploaded it to Google Drive as he and Hayden ran back to class. Carson didn't post the video until a few days later.


  • The video was directed, scripted, and produced by Hayden.
  • Hayden hasn't been in another video since the filming of this one.
  • Despite the above, Hayden and Carson are currently planning out more PSA's
  • This video would've also featured Trent had he not moved away months prior.
  • In the description of the video, Carson states that Hayden only ever shows up/cares about making videos if they're for school projects, being filmed the same day as a school project, or being filmed at school. So, it's very likely that Hayden may never appear in a video for the Gaaracarson channel again considering they aren't in any classes together this year.
  • Carson posted a behind the scenes video for DoI the same day, but has since then removed it due to an un-fixable editing error.
  • In the behind the scenes video, Hayden reveals that he likes Creepypasta especially SlenderMan.

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