"I didn't plan on recording this but, Hayden, Told me to get my camera and follow his lead. . . This was the results." -Video Description

Come Back Here Mother! was posted on February 4th 2015 and is the first video on the Gaaracarson channel to star/feature Carson's friend, Hayden. In this video, Hayden is seen jumping onto and holding onto his mothers car and...that's about it. The video is pretty comical and one of Carson's most popular videos being the third most liked video on the Gaaracarson channel.


  • This video is Carson's third most liked video behind The Effects of Drugs (PSA) and Gc Inc. -Lawn Services-
  • This video is the first to star Hayden.
  • This video was filmed during the three day period it took to film The Effects of Drugs (PSA)
  • The storage container area in the background is where the Drug PSA was filmed
  • This is the only video Carson has subtitled. After he subtitled this one, everything else was Close Captioned.
  • This video is the origin of the "Ginger mating call screech"

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