Casey Fanning (July 18th) is a 16 year old blissfully suffering from severe senioritis since junior high. He was the director, one of the main sources of ideas, and occasional recorder for the Bully PSA where he made his debut but has yet to make a return ever since.

Aliases: Edit

  • Fasey Canning

Equipment: Edit

  • Steam Shirt- Specially made shirt by Casey himself that converts and stores the air into kinetic energy as the wearer walks around. Upon the press of a button, the shirt releases said energy in the form of steam from the inside of the shirt which then clears the wrinkles out of it as well as warms it up. The shirt is also capable of drying itself in the same manor even if soaking wet.

Quotes: Edit

"It was a literal gas attack. I'm sitting there playing my instrument and the people behind me are coughing, dying... The horror around me was unbearable but I still had my mission." -Band member Casey playing his instrument amidst the surrounding destruction.

"Prison-Shanking intensifies." -After observing Blaze side-stab an enemy during the Convection Arc.

"You know, I came to school today fully expecting to put someone on their ass." -Casually said quote upon entering the classroom.

"So potato-shaped. Who would have guessed that at the center of the universe, there is a jellybean?" -No context available.

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