Tuxedo Carson

Carson William "Bones" Rose (Born December 29th, 2000) is a 15 year-old American YouTuber who occationaly makes comedy based videos with his friends, or by himself, on the Gaaracarson channel. He along with his friend Caleb, are the two original members of the Original Gaaracarson channel.


  • On Xbox "Gaaracarson" is his gamer tag
  • Carson is the youngest of three having two older sisters.
  • All of the video editing done on the Gaaracarson channel is solely by Carson.
  • With the exception of a short scene in the Drug (PSA) Carson is the only one to have held the camera on the Gaaracarson channel.
  • Carson has three nicknames: Bones, Jarl, and Carlson. All of which were thought up and made by Caleb. Carson's favorite of these is "Bones" These nicknames are also where Jarl, who debuted in the first CLS NEWS, gets his name from.

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