Tuxedo Carson

Carson William "Bones" Rose (Born December 29th, 2000) is a 16 year-old American YouTuber who occasionally makes comedy based videos with his friends, or by himself, on the Gaaracarson channel. He along with his friend Caleb, are the two original members of the Original Gaaracarson channel.

Carson describes himself as unsympathetic, anti-social, humorless, and lazy but is still seen by others as the group leader.

His channel is currently inactive but plans for at least three videos have been announced, all three featuring Andy, Blaze, and Steven.


  • Tuxedo- Occasionally worn, no particular benefits arise from it.
  • Hoodie- Light weight jacket with a hood, doesn't restrict any movement or speed.
  • M65 field jacket(w/hood)- Currently worn attire. Allows Carson to store various items within the jackets many pockets as well protect him from the rain. Slightly restricts his speed as well as movement.
Pry bar

Carson's Pry Bar

  • Bones- Can be used in multi-purpose maneuvers, his bones are sharp enough to cause Andy pain in his defensive position while also being dense enough to block a frivolous Blaze. Alternatively, his bones can also be used as a distractive maneuver using an ability known as the "Bone-Talent"
  • Pry Bar- Carried around for unknown personal purposes. Mostly used when he is on his own, rarely used when paired up in the ABC Formation.


  • Blood of The Pulsing Bone(脈拍骨の血液)- Having inherited it, Carson has access to the abilities of the bone.
    • Pale Skin(薄い肌)- Caused by the influence of the bone bloodline, Carson has immunity to tans and sunburns while also having a resistance to hot weather. Another effect of the bloodline is that his skin acts as a de facto mirror allowing Carson to blind enemies, signal comrades, and create fire by using the suns ultraviolet rays.
    • Speed/Agility(速度/敏速)- Due to the unique bone structure Carson possesses, he is able to move at higher speeds than the average person. The full extend of this speed is unknown but it can be confirmed that both Andy and Blazes speed surpasses his own.
    • Senses(感覚)- Not including Sight(視力) or Sound(音) Carsons senses are heightened to a certain degree. However, none of the remaining senses are particularly higher than the other, and none of them can rival Andy or Blaze alone.
    • Durability(耐久性)- Hardly as great as The Great Wall of Diabeetus himself, but his unique bone structure gives him a much higher durability than the average person. Also, as this ability affects everything, including his entrails, it is much harder to injure Carsons internal organs. Unlike the majority of attributes shared between the ABC Formation, this one actually has Carson surpass Blaze in defensive capabilities.
    • Deaths Touch/Touch of Death(死のタッチ)- Due to the bone bloodline, Carson can use his bones to shred a persons internal organs or tissue through their skin. It is not always visibly noticeable or felt, but is very effective and deadly. This ability has very little to no effect on certain defensive bloodlines such as Andy's Blood of The Great Wall(長城の血液) but can still cause them pain whether or not any actual tearing occurred. Like Blaze's strength, Deaths Touch can be toned down or up depending on what is necessary.


  • Skeletal Eclipse(骨格食)- Special ability that only Carson is capable of activating. By forcing his bone against a hard surface he can create a devastatingly loud sound capable of deafening someone should they be too close. This can be done with the majority of his bones but is usually done with his elbows, shins, ankles, or even his spine. However, heat is constantly generated in the process and if used too long, that area of Carson's skin begins to melt off. Taking advantage of this, Carson is able to produce heat generated kicks or punches capable of branding another persons skin.


  • On Xbox "Gaaracarson" is his gamer-tag, however he no longer plays Xbox.
  • Carson is mentioned to be the youngest of three.
  • All of the video editing done on the Gaaracarson channel is done by Carson alone.
  • With the exception of a short scene in the Drug PSA, and more recently in the Bully PSA, Carson is the only one to have held the camera on the Gaaracarson channel.
  • Carson has three nicknames: Bones, Jarl, and Carlson. All of which were thought up and made by Caleb. Carson's favorite of these is "Bones"
    • These nicknames are also where Jarl, who debuted in the first CLS NEWS series, gets his name from.
  • He considers himself humorless despite running a comedy channel. Also, it has been stated that he favors darker humor so is unclear exactly what he means.
  • While calling himself anti-social: He managed to take a main role of an entire classroom project(even becoming their editor) and has eight+ members for the channel.
  • While not as offensive as Blaze, or as defensive as Andy, Carson covers both grounds by using his bones.
    • In a test-of-ability, the group members punched Andy in the back. It is unknown how powerful Carson is, but his bony knuckles managed to make Andy feel pain- it did not move him however as Blaze did.
      • While accidental, Carson has also damaged Blaze through his arm in the past.

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