Caleb Ronnie "Lil' Ronnie" Scott Kelley(September 26th)- He made his one and only appearance on the Gaaracarson channel in the Bully PSA which featured him in his daily life at school. He was previously, mockingly referred to as Ronnie Scott or just Ronnie, but was eventually forced to switch to "Lil' Ronnie" by the leader of The Bullies, Laura Morrison.

He committed suicide following excessive bullying from- what a surprise- The Bullies. However, he was later reanimated with Dark Magic by his former lover, Casey. Ronnie remains undead to Casey, and presumably dead to everyone else.

Status as Undead:

After Ronnie's suicide, his body was brought to the pathologist office for an autopsy in order for the police to gain evidence against Laura and the other bullies. After the autopsy was preformed, his body was stolen by his former lover Casey and hidden in a freezer. Casey spends the better part of two years researching Dark Magic and uses it to create a potion capable of reviving the dead. The potion only partially works but it still brings Ronnie back to life.

While technically alive: Ronnie's respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems are inactive. His brains limiter on the body's strength is disabled. And his body still rots and does not heal. In order to circumvent these shortcomings, Ronnie is periodically fed the potion to keep his mind intact, Ronnie only goes outside at night or if necessary, and he lives with his lover Casey- whom always has the thermostat as low as possible.


  • Ronnie's Belt- Durable, light, and stylish belt of mysterious origin. This belt grants the user a 5% bonus to their decency as well as halving the affects of an opponents drain-based ability. The belt was used by Ronnie to hang himself in the school bathroom and it was ultimately retrieved by police. The belts current whereabouts are unknown although it is assumed to be in some evidence locker.


"Asked my mom if I was adopted and she said 'not yet,' smh. Not again."

"You gotta break an egg to bake omelettes. Wait."

"tHaNkS gUyZ" -After being helped up.


  • Along with Braxton, Evan, Judah, Sean, and Will, Ronnie has no abilities, attributes, or even negative attributes.
    • Also like them, but with more people included, he does not have his own distinguished bloodline.