Caleb N. (Born February 16th, 2000) Is a 15 year-old former football player and reoccurring person on the current Gaaracarson channel. Caleb was the co-owner of the Original YouTube channel even appearing more often then Carson appearance wise. Caleb is Carson's second most long term friend after Steven despite this, Caleb is Carson's closest friend.


  • His Xbox gamer tag is currently "xDAREDEVIL7x"
  • Caleb is the oldest of two having a younger sister. Nearly opposite of Carson who is the youngest of three having two older sisters.
  • Despite being co-creator of the original Gaaracarson channel, Caleb has only appeared in one video. (Not counting the 6 second Bo2 trickshot as Caleb isn't seen or heard.)
  • Caleb has his own channel which can be found here

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