"Friday, October 30th 2015, an Uber driver was viciously attacked by an intoxicated driver. Find out what happens before, during, and after the attack here on CLS NEWS!" - Video Description

CLS NEWS 2 Edward Caban is the second installment of the CLS NEWS series being posted on November 23rd 2015. The video follows Chief A.K.A the original Carson and his clones as they cover the story of Edward Caban. This video took an entire week to script, a full 2 hours to film, and 27 continuous hours to edit.


  • This video made Jarl clone 4 instead of a separate person
  • This video introduces clones 5&6
  • CLS NEWS gets it's name from the initials of Carson and his two friends Lucas and Sean. The reason for this is because they were originally going to be the co-stars of the series. The name was kept due to CCC NEWS sounding like crap.
  • This video is a school project
  • Sean recorded the classrooms reactions to the video and sent it to Carson, he plans to keep the video and record the other two CLS NEWS project reactions before releasing the video publicly.
  • The category is Education and since Carson found it a bit boring on the original script, he re-wrote it to make it more Comical.

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