"CLS NEWS on the scene to report the story about Ahmed and his clock! Hey, we're not late are we? Of course not! This current event was still current when I filmed it! Oh, by the way, I'm horribly sorry about the potato quality but it was the best I could manage after my good camera broke." -Video Description

CLS NEWS 1 Ahmed Mohamed was posted October 12th 2015. This video is one of four educational news type videos that Carson has made. This video took Carson a couple days to script, and 13 hours total to film and edit. This video was the origin for the Carson clones.

The video was later made private for controversial reasons with plans to revive it as: "A NEWS station, that doesn't cover the NEWS. Basically the four CLS videos rolled into one comedy video but without any of the actual NEWS in it."


  • Carson stated that this along with the other CLS NEWS videos are some of his least favorite to make as well as watch.
  • This video along with the other CLS NEWS videos were school projects.
  • This video is supposed to be Educational and not Comedy, but Carson felt the video was too boring and remade it.
  • The quality of the video is fairly low due to Carson rendering the video way more then once.
  • CLS NEWS 1 is the first video Carson ever used Dual Role editing in ever. (same actor playing 2+ characters)
  • Only four of these videos were made since Carson doesn't like doing it.
  • Originally Carson was going to make this video with two of his friends Lucas and Sean, but after Lucas dropped out Carson became stressed and made the video on his own using duel role editing.
  • The name "CLS NEWS" comes from the first initial of their three names. Carson, Luke, Sean. The name was kept because Carson couldn't think of anything better.

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