"Small change to the usual content; but a serious one nonetheless." - Part of the Video Description

Posted on March 13th of 2016, the Bully PSA was yet another class project which ended up on the YouTube channel. It quickly became one of the most viewed as well as liked videos on the Gaaracarson channel, possibly due to all the people who worked on it sharing it with friends and family, garnering 200+ views by 2017.

The video was filmed over the span of a week long period with most of the footage not making it into the final video due to time restraints or technical errors. Also, this video was worked on by an entire class making it the video which took the most people to make on the Gaaracarson channel with the ice bucket challenge 2.0 videos having four people present, and most other videos being three people or Carson on his own.

According to the sole editor and owner of the channel, Carson, the video took 15 consecutive hours to edit. Even going as far as to list the times he worked on it: 6PM-2AM on 3/11/16 then 12AM-7PM on 3/12/16

The people involved:

  • Main idea sources came from: Carson, Casey, Caleb(K), Shelbey
  • Character Lil' Ronnie played by: Caleb(K)
  • Recorders/Directors: Casey and Kayla
  • Editor: Carson
  • Music choices: Ashley 
  • Camera and props provided by: Becca
  • Bullies: Shelbey, Jennifer, Blakely, Steven, Kayla
  • Background: Amy, Carson, Jarred, Seth
  • Helpers: Ashley, Chloe


  • This video was made as a class project making it one of six on the channel. (Two now private)
  • Many more scenes were recorded for the Bully PSA including: Another hallway scene, two different scenes that took place on a set of stairs, and a different suicide scene involving pills. These scenes were left out for various reasons including: Unseriousness, time restraint, and lack of permission.
  • In the Bully PSA a girl, Kayla, can be seen holding up cards throughout the video. These cards give the viewers information, statistics, and are used to tie together the entire video. Originally however, the editor and owner of the channel was heavily against the idea of using cards. Allthough in the end they were used anyway.
  • The actor who plays Lil' Ronnie, Caleb(K), is not to be mistaken for Caleb(N) of the Gaaracarson channel crew.
    • This same actor has a scene where his head is slammed into a locker. This scene was shot three different times and was written by him.
  • The Bully PSA is currently the newest video on the Gaaracarson channel despite being posted over a year ago.

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