"Watch Caleb as he shows off his Call Of Duty BO2 skills! Now obviously, this isn't a real online match. Caleb and I set a game up against a couple bots and other then that, I hope you enjoyed this change of pace on my channel! Also, Caleb has a channel of his own! He doesn't really do anything on it ever but he does have another clip like this and a basketball thing if you're interested." -Video Description

Bo2- Trickshot was posted onto the Gaaracarson channel February 4th of 2015. It is a short 6 second in game clip of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The video isn't actually Carson playing but his friend, Caleb. This is the first of three videos to have Caleb on the new channel, two of which are game footage.


  • Since this video Caleb has changed his gamer tag to xDAREDEVIL7x
  • Caleb has his own channel which can be found here
  • This video wasn't planned to be posted but was upon insistence from other friends.

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