Bloodlines(血統)- Are special lineages passed down through the ages, usually in the form of abilities and/or powers, created in the era of the Old Kingdom. It is incredibly rare for people to inherit a bloodline trait, and even more so to discover their bloodline. However, those with bloodlines are naturally drawn to each other in the form of wind drafts so they are not incredibly hard to track down. While most people only have one bloodline, it is possible for someone to inherit and display more than one bloodline, like the sage Hayden whom has three.

Due to being created during the age of the Old Kingdom and it's wars, bloodlines are split into three different categories: Defensive, Offensive, and Supportive.

Known Defensive Bloodlines: Edit

  • Blood of The Arctic Fox(北極の狐の血液)- Hayden; Displays offensive capabilities but is classified as defensive anyway due to certain passive abilities.
  • Blood of The Great Wall(長城の血液)- Andy(Former), Steven(Current); Full-on defensive bloodline. Through inheritance, the wielder has access to a powerful attack as well as the abnormal defense. The most powerful known defensive bloodline. It was originally thought to be nullified by the The Gate Barrier, but was actually forcefully transferred to the next holder of the bloodline: Steven, do to lack of compatible relatives where it remained deactivated until the previous holder's death.
  • Unnamed Witch's Bloodline- Witch; Confirmed to be a distinguished defensive bloodline but with no proper title. Mainly defensive but it houses a few offensive capabilities.

Known Offensive Bloodlines: Edit

  • Blood of Destruction(破壊の血液)- Blaze; Full-on offensive bloodline. Not much, if any, defensive capabilities but what it lacks in defense, it makes up for in offense ten fold. The most powerful known offensive bloodline. Only usable by one member of the entire bloodline until said member are deceased though should this event occur it is automatically passed onto the next qualified bloodline candidate, or the last one if necessary.
  • Blood of The Ginger(赤毛の血液)- Hayden; Common bloodline trait that a lot of people have, powerhouse bloodline which makes up the mass majority of Fire-Magic casters.
  • Blood of The Northern Merchant(北の商人の血液)- Blaze; Mainly offensive but has qualities from the other two as well.
  • Blood of The Rogue(空き巣狙いの血液)- Hayden; Rare bloodline trait given to natural born thief's and assassins with many offensive skills and few supportive or defensive.

Known Supportive Bloodlines: Edit

  • Blood of The Instrumentalist(奏者の血液)- Tyler; Mainly support but it does have offensive capabilities. Not much can be said for defense though.
  • Blood of The Living Corpse(生きてる死体の血液)- Carson; Has characteristics shared between both offensive and defensive bloodlines. It is classified however as supportive for unknown reasons.