Anderson James "The Great Wall of Diabeetus" Salverson (Born July 28th) is a 16 year-old inactive YouTuber who stopped posting videos after one Five Nights At Freddie's video which can be found on his channel here However, the Five Nights At Freddie's video itself has been taken down since then for unknown reasons.

As his nickname would suggest, Andy has the ability to block or reflect any opposing force- This ability commonly leads to him being referred to as the groups tank. To date, Blaze "Destroyer of Worlds" Wallace, is the only exception to Andy's ability. Not only did Blaze manage to push Andy back while he was in his defensive position, but the sheer force caused the ground beneath them to break apart. Mere hours after the skirmish, an EF5 tornado touched down on the site.


  • Andy Wallace

Appearance Before The War:

Before the war: Andy was always clean shaven, had short swooped hair, and wore a hoodie.

Appearance After The War:

After the war: Andy decided shaving took too much effort, haircuts are too much effort, but he does retain the hoodie.


Andy Car

Bling, bling.

Andy drives an unnamed Nissan car which runs entirely on Andy's hatred of it. It's barely functioning, the paint is rusting and coming off, there is a large dent in the driver door from when he got mad, it's held together by duct-tape, and has a whopping 60 different horsepowers. With Andy's stamina and speed, the car itself is completely unnecessary but is driven regardless in order to persevere stamina, energy, and calories.


  • Andy has no known equipment.


Butterfly Knife

Because, why not?

  • Butterfly Knife- No specifically known purpose. Presumably used when in the ABC Formation as Blaze can be seen to the side and the video is being filmed by Carson.


  • Blessing of Bacon(ベーコンの祝福)- Inherited separately from The Great Wall Bloodline. The user is rendered incapable of ever producing bad bacon.
  • Blessing of Salt and Sugar(塩と砂糖の祝福)- The user can always distinguish between salt and sugar and is rendered unable to mix them up unless done so deliberately. Can be used to determine before and after either have been cooked.
  • Blessing of The Pot(鍋の祝福)- The user is incapable of ever burning or under-cooking any dish.
  • Blood of The Great Wall(長城の血液)- Having inherited it, Andy has access to The Great Walls abilities.
    • Blessing of Earth(土の祝福)- The user is capable of using Earth-Magic.
    • Durability(耐久性)- The greatest attribute towards the Great Wall. Gives Andy the ability to block, reflect, or nullify any attack without taking any damage.
    • Fall Nullify(落ちるを無効にする)- The user is granted immunity against any and all fall-damage.
    • Limit Breaker(限界突破)- Andy's maximum stat cap is 50% larger than the average person.
    • Magic(魔法)- The user is capable of using magic, from his own reserves only.
      • Earth(土)- Granted from this bloodline. Andy is capable of using Earth-Magic for both offensive and defensive purposes.
    • Senses(感覚)- All of his senses are heightened to a certain degree. However, two in particular are dramatically higher than the others.
      • Smell(香り)- Heightened smell allows Andy to track anyone by scent many miles away. Using his sense of smell, Andy can identify what someone ate and when it was specifically eaten. Using his sense of smell, Andy can determine between real and fake objects as well as determine if something is too toxic to be edible.
      • Taste(味)- Not particularly helpful in combat. Allows Andy to enjoy his food more than the average person. When his sight is restricted, any object that he taste can be identified. However, as most objects can be identified through smell, this is only beneficial with entirely scentless items.
    • Speed/Agility(速度/敏速)- Apart of the Great Walls abilities is reflection. By using his abilities to reflect the wind, Andy eliminates any wind resistance causing it to split past him. Doing this allows Andy to run, eat, and punch at the speed of light. There is a slight chance that using this ability will result in an artificial tornado.
    • Stamina(スタミナ)- As his abilities are linked to everything, including his entrails and blood, Andys heart can tolerate excessive force. This allows him to have a large pool of stamina to draw from.
    • Triangle Nullify(三角形を無効にする)- No magic is stronger than the users, but they also sacrifice their own magic's advantage.


  • Counter(カウンタ)- Passive. Andy has a 35% chance of reflecting half of any oncoming damage back to the original user.
  • Defender(守り手)- Passive. When paired up in a formation(ABC Formation or Illumijews) all allies take 10% less damage.
  • Defense Cry(守備の叫び)- Activated ability. Every ally within a short proximity is granted a 20% defense increase.
  • Dual Guard(デュアルガード)- Passive ability. When paired up in a formation, allies have a 25% chance of taking no damage during an attack.
  • Engulf(巻き込む)- Passive ability. All blunt strikes directed at Andy's torso are not only nullified, but the object used is absorbed into him. Anything not reclaimed, including limbs, from Andy's gut within a minute is seared off and automatically converted into mana for magic.
  • Great Shield(大盾)- Passive ability. All melee weaponry does 80% less damage. Only applies to himself.
  • Hell's Swamp(黄泉沼)- Activated Earth-Magic. The user changes the surface beneath an enemy and turns it into dense mud which sinks them into it. Depending on the users skill, the swamp can be small-- somewhat enough for one person-- or gigantic enough to ensnare buildings and have them disappear.
  • Hot Start(ホットスタート)- Passive. Starts the day with a 15% increase to all stats. Loses 3% per hour, recharged by the following morning.
  • Lunar Eclipse(月食)- Special ability that only Andy is capable of activating. Drawing upon power from the moon, he is temporarily granted the power to instantly vaporize a small area. Can only be used three times per night, it is only possible to activate during said night, and any existing effects are nullified during the day.
  • Mud Wall(土塀)- Activated. The ground in front of the caster is lifted to form a wall that can block many attacks.
  • Mud Dome(マッドドーム)- Activated. Stronger than the Mud Wall but takes more energy and time to create. The ground in every direction of the caster is lifted to form a dome around them that can block most, if not all, attacks.
  • Mud Raft(泥土ラフト)- The user is able to mold the ground together to form a raft which is much stronger than a normal raft and can stay afloat forever.
  • Sacred Shield(聖盾)- Passive ability. All ranged weaponry does 80% less damage. Only applies to himself.
  • Sturdy Blade(頑丈剣)- Activated ability. The user temporarily sacrifices 10% of their damage output for 30% more defense.


[Carson:] "Just go bald, Blaze."

[Andy:] "Yeah, become the Russian Testicle."


  • Andy, along with Hayden and Steven, are members of the Illumijews. Despite the name though, none of them are Jewish.
  • Andy, Blaze, and Carson make up the ABC Formation.
  • Andy has yet to be named on camera but is briefly seen and heard during the video titled Lucas
  • Andy and Blaze officially fought during the events of the Bloody Days Arc. The battle took place on the other side of The Portal and lasted three days and nights before being broken up by Carson, Hayden, and a military of unknown affiliation. Should the two of them ever fight without any interruptions, the battle would last forever.
  • Legends say that he can personally cause an eclipse by reflecting back the suns energy. Apparently, he chooses not too for the worlds greater good.
  • While only being 16 years old, Andy has an extensive track record to back up his nickname:
    • Andy derailed his first train at the age of seven when it attempted to cross his path.
    • By the age of eight, he managed to repel an entire clip from the Maxim 9 handgun without breaking a sweat.
    • At the age of nine, a mugger attempted to take Andy's wallet at knife point. Neither knife nor mugger survived despite Andy not moving a muscle.
    • On the day of his tenth birthday, Andy absorbed and fired back an explosive shell fired from the Russian T-90 tank. Needless to say, Andy was unharmed. Researches are still looking for the tanks remains.
      • Later that day, Andy stopped a shell fired from the Karl-Gerät with one hand tied behind his back, a two-liter of soda in the other, and earbuds in.
    • Upon turning eleven, Andy went sky diving. When his parachute failed to open, the parking lot below was reduced to a pile of rubble. Five years later, experts are still attempting to fill the crater.

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