"Buy the things you love, for the people you love here at!" -Video Description

Amazon Commercial was posted December 14th 2015. The video was scripted, filmed, and edited by Carson alone taking 20 minutes to script, another 20 minutes to film, and 10.5 hours to edit. It is a 32 second commercial for Amazon that he made as an optional school project.


  • This video was an optional school project meaning it was for school but he didn't have to make it. Same with all the CLS NEWS videos.
  • This video could've been for anything. Carson got the subject Amazon from drawing out of a hat full of numbers: The number decided the order students picked.
  • He originally wanted to do Gatorade, but someone chose it before him.
  • The class Carson made this video for was 'Career Prep'
  • Along with the CLS NEWS videos, Carson was the only student to make an actual video.
  • This is the first video that Carson has a light saber (Beam sword) in.

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