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Screenshot from the video

First video in a little less than a year on the Gaaracarson channel posted August 1st of 2017. There is little to note as the video is gameplay footage with no commentary added.

It was revealed in the comments, in response to a question, that the clip was filmed two years ago and that Carson only just got around to posting it. Whether or not this means Carson will be posting more videos in the near future is unknown.

This video is one of two on the channel involving game footage.(Not including the third, non game footage, video involving Caleb.) Both videos had no commentary, and both videos featured Caleb.

Also of note, in the description, it is stated that his capture was unable to record audio at the time. This may, or may not, hint at more game footage in the future. However, as Carson considers his channel to be a more active comedy based channel, this may not be the case.