ABC Formation alternatively ABCD Formation- Used to describe the formation of Andy, Blaze, and Carson whether it is for combat or normal. Otherwise, this formation is for saving the economy or playing video-games and is currently the deadliest in the groups arsenal.

Combat: Edit

  • Andy reserves the role as the groups tank and blocks incoming forces.
  • Once they are in range, Blaze gets out from behind Andy and "wallops" the unsuspecting enemy before getting back in formation.
  • When advancing, any surviving enemies are downed by Carson.

YouTube: Edit

No separate YouTube channel has been created for the ABC Formation, however they do make videos on the Gaaracarson Channel where they have their own playlist.

When appearing in a video together, or separately for that matter, each member has a different symbol for closed captioning and those are:

  • <Andy>
  • [Blaze]
  • {Carson}

Equipment Set: Edit

  • Black Padded Knuckle Gloves(Fingerless)- Blaze
  • Brown Padded Knuckle Gloves(Fingers)- Blaze
  • Dust Mask- Blaze
  • Flamingo Hat- Carson
  • Glasses- Carson
  • Hoodie- Carson
  • Jarl Dress Shirt- Carson
  • M65 field jacket(w/hood)- Carson
  • Military Backpack- Blaze
  • Prescription Aviator- Blaze
  • Tuxedo- Carson
  • Ushanka (Russian Hat)- Blaze

Weapons Set: Edit

  • .357 S&W Magnum- Blaze
  • 12 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun- Blaze
  • Bones- Carson
  • Bowie Knife- Blaze
  • Branding Iron- Blaze
  • Butterfly Knife- Andy
  • Combat Axe- Blaze
  • Combat Knife- Blaze
  • Fist/Legs- (Technically everyone) Blaze
  • Light-Detecting Bombs- Blaze
  • Pry Bar- Carson
  • Machete- Blaze
  • Machete(3 feet)- Blaze
  • Sharpened Shovel- Blaze

Attribute Set: Edit

  • Arrow Evasion(矢避け)- Blaze
  • Aura of Madness(狂気のオーラ)- Unique to Blaze
  • Blood of Destruction(破壊の血液)- Unique to Blaze (bloodline)
  • Blood of The Great Wall(長城の血液)- Unique to Andy (bloodline)
  • Blood of The Pulsing Bone(脈拍骨の血液)- Unique to Carson (bloodline)
  • Chaos(混乱)- Blaze
  • Deaths Touch/Touch of Death(死のタッチ)- Unique to Carson.
  • Default Winner(デフォルト受賞者)- Blaze
  • Durability(耐久性)- Shared between Andy and Carson. The one that Andy possesses is the strongest in existence, let alone the group.
  • Limit Breaker(限界突破)- Shared between all three members. 50% for Andy and Blaze, 25% for Carson.
  • [Magic(魔法)Temporary]- Unique to Andy. Only in effect when Lunar Eclipse(月食) is activated.
  • Merchant of the North(北の商人)- Unique to Blaze.
    • Authority of Gluttony(暴食の権能)- Unique to Blaze
    • Authority of Wrath(憤怒の権能)- Unique to Blaze
  • Pale Skin(薄い肌)- Unique to Carson.
  • [Regeneration(再生)Temporary]- Unique to Blaze. Only in effect when Solar Eclipse(日食) is activated.
  • Senses(感覚)- Shared between all three, different areas of effect.
    • Sight(視力) and Sound(音) are unique to Blaze.
    • Smell(香り) and Taste(味) are unique to Andy.
    • Carson has basic heightening with no enhancement to sight or sound and little to the remaining.
  • Speed/Agility(速度/敏速)- Shared between all three members of the group, however Carsons is slightly weaker than that of Andy and Blaze who are tied.
  • Stamina(スタミナ)- Shared between Andy and Blaze.
  • Strength(強さ)- Unique to Blaze.

Abilities Set: Edit

  • Absolute Strike(絶対命中)- Passive. Blaze
  • Aggressor (侵略者)- Passive. Blaze.
  • Ambush(待ち伏せ)- Passive. Blaze.
  • Black Hole(ブラックホール)- Activated. Blaze
  • Concentration(集中)- Passive. Carson
  • Counter(カウンタ)- Passive. Andy
  • Defender(守り手)- Passive. Andy
  • Defense Cry(守備の叫び)- Activated. Andy
  • Dual Guard(デュアルガード)- Passive. Andy
  • Dual Strike(デュアルアタック)- Passive. Blaze
  • Dual Support (デュアルサポート)- Passive. Carson
  • Elbow Room(肘部屋)- Passive. Blaze
  • Fierce God Blow(鬼神の一撃)- Passive. Carson
  • Gentle Blade(柔剣)- Activated. Carson
  • Great Shield(大盾)- Passive. Andy
  • Heavy Blade(剛剣)- Activated. Blaze.
  • Hot Start(ホットスタート)- Passive. Andy
  • Instant Kill(瞬殺)- Activated. Blaze
  • Lone Wolf(一匹狼)- Passive. Carson
  • Luck Drain(幸運の吸収)- Passive. Blaze
  • Lunar Eclipse(月食)- Special. Andy
  • Madness(狂気)- Activated. Blaze
  • Miracle(奇跡)- Passive. Blaze
  • Sacred Shield(聖盾)- Passive. Andy
  • Skeletal Eclipse(骨格食)- Special. Carson
  • Solar Eclipse(日食)- Special. Blaze
  • Solidarity(連帯)- Passive. Blaze
  • Strength Cry(力の叫び)- Activated. Blaze
  • Underdog(下剋上)- Passive. Carson
  • Vengeance(復讐)- Passive. Blaze

Trivia: Edit

  • Whenever Steven accompanies the group it can be referred to as the ABCD Formation, with D meaning Dick.

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